Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy 2013!

I’m always excited for the start of a new year but I’m really tired of hearing people say “New Year, New You”!  To achieve what you want this year, you don’t have to (and you shouldn’t) give up who you are.   

Think of your life like a book.  Each year is like a chapter, each month a paragraph and each day a sentence.  If you read the first chapter of one book, then read chapter 2 from a new book and read chapter 3 from another new book, the story wouldn't make much sense. That's because each sentence, paragraph and chapter sets the foundation for the next one.  On its own, each may be entertaining or interesting but certainly not as riveting as reading an entire book in sequence.  Read in order, this collection of sentences, paragraphs and chapters is what creates the story, gives it context + perspective and sets it apart from any other.  The same is true about your life. 

All of your past accomplishments, successes, joys, loves, disappointments, challenges and adventures are what make you… well, You!  A unique and fascinating individual.  Setting goals helps keep you moving forward and evolving but it’s not necessary to change who you are as a person, at your core, in order to do so.  So, in 2013, resolve to experience something new, accomplish something big or plan a new adventure but don't change who you are.
Cheers to the next chapter in your story. May it be your best yet!