Working with Kristin has been a really great experience. She has truly helped me with my health goals (since being her client, I have lowered my cholesterol by 14 points - it's been high for years!), lifestyle goals and has been guiding me while on my way to a new career. She offers awesome coaching, tips and motivation. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to achieve new goals!  I always look forward to my meetings with Kristin.

Working with Kristin was definitely beneficial for me. Before we began meeting, I was not entirely happy with where I was in my life, but I did not clearly understand why.  Kristin helped me step back and examine things from an new perspective. She made me realize that everything in our lives is connected; how we feel in one aspect of our lives can directly affect other areas we operate in. Together we were able to pinpoint that I was very dissatisfied with my professional career, which in turn was affecting my personal actions as well. Kristin was integral in helping me to specifically identify what I was unhappy with and helped me set goals for what I wanted to change.  Most importantly, Kristin held me accountable for carrying out the tasks needed to fulfill my goals and soon  I found a new position at a reputable firm.  I am very satisfied with the outcome of my situation. Having Kristin there every step of the way unquestionably kept me on track and helped me achieve my goals

I just finished my Fresh Equation 90 day Signature Program with Kristin (we worked over the phone).  I feel like a different person physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through thought-provoking (and often challenging!) questions and discussions, Kristin helped me to identify and clarify my priorities and set personal goals.  She assisted me in taking steps towards fulfilling my goals by teaching me to make decisions that are in alignment with my values. This has helped me be much more thoughtful about adding activities and/or commitments to my already busy schedule and has allowed me to let go of things that no longer serve me. With a newly opened mind and eager attitude, I was encouraged to try a new form of exercise - Bikram yoga - and am currently in the middle of a 30-day challenge! (And, if you knew me before, you would know that I was NOT a yoga person! So, this adventure is very new and exciting for me)!  From a physical perspective, Kristin supported me in cleaning up my diet, learning to identify how foods affect my health and, most importantly, inspired a shift in my attitude about eating toward one that is healthy, appropriate and positive. I have relieved myself of sinus issues and am proud to say that I have not been sick at all this past school year (I am a preschool and kindergarten teacher)! I finally feel that I have my eating habits under my control and am well-equipped to make decisions about food that I had only wishfully thought about in the past.

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