Thursday, February 14, 2013

4 Out of 5 People Will Do This...

Happy Valentine’s Day!
It feels like we just rang in the New Year and that 2013 lay in front of us full of promise.  When the ball dropped, you resolved to do things like lose weight, save money, read more books or train for your first triathlon.  You were convinced that this would be the year that your life would change and your resolutions would be kept.  But, according to a Franklin Covey survey, 4 out of 5 people will break their resolutions and a third won’t even make it to the end of January! 
Now that it’s almost the middle of February, that means that 33% of you have already given up on your goals.  Yikes!  Why does this keep happening??? After much real-life trial and error, I discovered 4 simple tips that will help you set and actually follow through with your goals + resolutions.  Sound good?
1.     First, it has to be a “problem” that you actively want to solve.  In other words, it has to be something that you are motivated to change because there is no solution to something that you don’t view as a “problem”.  It can’t be something that someone else wants for you or that you think you should do.  You can only successfully create long-lasting change in your life, if YOU really want to.

2.     Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re usually right so you have to believe that it’s possible for you to have what you want.  Your actions are manifestations of your thoughts and ideas so if you don’t believe something could be a reality for you, chances are, you won’t ever have it or achieve it.

3.     Be consistent with your efforts to create new habits.  Change is about giving up your current way of doing things for something new and unknown.  It's not easy but you have to let go of your old habits and create and embrace news ones in order to grow, to be successful and to achieve your goals.  You didn’t learn your behaviors overnight and so, it makes perfect sense that you can’t expect to change them overnight either.  Be patient and consistent.

4.      The Power of One.  Don’t choose more than 1 resolution/goal at a time.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you make a list of 10 resolutions or goals.  Decide what’s most important to you to achieve at this very moment and stay focused on that goal first.  And don’t look too far ahead.  Start with One day at a time, One meal at a time, One workout at a time.  And, most importantly, celebrate each step that brings you closer to your goal!
Now is the time to make the changes you want to see in your life become your reality!  

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