Congratulations... you're engaged!

Now, before you say I Do to the man of your dreams, say I Do to the body of your dreams.

In the Fresh Equation: 12 weeks to Bridal Bliss program, you will learn how to:
  • Slim down (for good) without dieting or relying on willpower
  • Eat the right foods to make your body glow from the inside out (woohoo)
  • Look breathtaking (hello, gorgeous!) on your big day and in your photos!
  • Have a drama free engagement and wedding
  • Effectively communicate with your honey (and family members) while planning your big day
  • Have fun (yahoo!) and laugh your way through your wedding day
  • Reduce and Manage stress (who doesn’t want that?)
  • Prioritize self-care (think mani/pedi’s and massages)
  • Cultivate and grow your happiness (smile!)
  • Be grateful (everyday)
  • Merge your lives but keep your identity
  • Continue to eat healthy with your new hubby once you’re married (without gaining the weight back!)
I will share the secrets that helped me plan a destination wedding in 8 months without any drama and how I enjoyed every second of it without any stress or anxiety. By the day of our wedding, I felt amazing. I had lost 25lbs and my skin was clear and glowing. I was confident, relaxed and most of all happy!

If you want to lose weight, look radiant in your photos and feel beautiful, happy and healthy on your wedding day, then this program is for you! Your dream body and your dream wedding await.  For more information, email me at or book your free 30 minute Bridal Breakthrough Session with me today to get started.

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When you invest in the Fresh Equation: 12 weeks to Bridal Bliss program, you will get:
  • 12- 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions with me over the phone or in person
  • A recap with actionable steps after each session
  • My list of top items that you must include on your wedding registry
  • Free access to all Fresh Equation workshops or events
  • Subscribed to the Fresh Equation newsletter
  • Lots of fun surprises along the way!

As a Bonus, when you sign up for the Fresh Equation: 12 weeks to Bridal Bliss program, you will also receive:
  • 1 Bonus 30 minute 1-on-1 session with me 1 month after your wedding
  • A 3 hour styling session with fashion stylist, Bryn from Byrdie. She will help you pack for your honeymoon, pick out the perfect rehearsal dinner outfit or help you accessorize, or even shop for, your wedding dress. If you’re not in the NYC area, you will get a 1 hour skype session with Bryn followed by a detailed email from her with links to amazingly chic options for all your wedding events. (a $300 value)
  • Tips from a bridal expert on how to pick out the perfect dress for your big day
  • Tips from a fitness expert on how to get in shape and how to do it anywhere
  • Tips from a beauty expert on how to care for your skin and the best and most effective natural beauty products on the market
  • Tips from a famed wedding photographer on how to find the right photographer for you, how to look great in your photos and what photos you want to make sure your photographer captures.
  • Advice from a Wedding Planner. Learn all of the important things you need to do/know when planning your wedding and how to stick to your budget.
  • What you should ask and what you need to know before you order your save-the-dates and weddings invitations
  • Tips from a Naturopathic Dr. on what you can do now to improve your health, naturally.
Don’t carry your stress and your old burdens down the aisle with you. Through the Fresh Equation: 12 weeks to Bridal Bliss program, you will learn how to let go of your anxiety and worry, how to live in the now, enjoy every moment, have a stress free engagement and float down the aisle on your wedding day feeling radiant, confident and ready to start the life of your dreams!   For more information, email me at or schedule your free 30 minute Bridal Breakthrough Session with me today... just click the Book Now button below. 
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