Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Fitness Course

There was a running trail just outside our condo at the beach last week.  It ran parallell to the ocean for about a mile and then veered slightly inland and continued behind some beautiful ocean front homes.  This all made for a scenic run but there was something I discovered along the way that surprised me... a fitness course. 

The course includes about 10 different stations set approximately 50 feet apart from each other.  It's free (no gym membership required!) and you can get a good workout without any other additional equipment.  I think anything that is done to encourage and support people in their efforts to be active is great.

These are just some of the stations they have.  I couldn't photograph all of them because people were actually using them!

I wish we had a fitness course along the Hudson River where I run!

Have a healthy day and for those of you in the path of Hurricane Irene, stay safe.


  1. pretty cool! did YOU do the course??

  2. this is awesome! they have one of these on a trail by doug & jane's that i remember seeing a few years ago over thanksgiving. they need to be's like bootcamp on the go!

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