Monday, June 11, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress...

If you haven't read the most recent Fresh Equation newsletter then you missed a great Q&A with Cassandra Quinn, Bridal Dress Consultant extraordinaire and Manager at Lovely Bride.  But don't worry, because today, in honor of the launch of my new Bridal Bliss program, I'm sharing Cassandra's top secrets to finding the wedding dress of your dreams.
1) Be open to your stylist’s suggestions, they have seen so many dresses on so many people, take advantage of all of their experience! You just might fall in love with something that you would never choose for yourself.

Photo Credit: Lovely Bride
2) Don’t bring a huge group of people along with you. Too many opinions will keep you from focusing on what it is that you like, and it is your dress after all. One or 2 trustworthy companions is more than enough.
Photo Credit:  Google Images

3) Don’t expect to collapse into a puddle of tears when you step into “the one”. There are many ways to choose a dress and that fireworks moment just isn’t realistic for everyone. Of course you want to love your dress but there are so many gorgeous dresses out there to love. Some people make a very logical decision based on availability or price of the dresses that they like and they always look just as beautiful.
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Happy dress shopping!

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