Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Do you know Beau?

Do you know Beau Hossler?  For a few minutes on June 15th, Beau Hossler was the biggest name in sports.  Beau is a 17 year old high school Senior who, for a brief moment, was leading the US Open at Olympic Club in San Francisco last month.

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Beau didn't have a fancy golf bag covered in sponsorship logos or even a famous caddy named Fluff, Steve or Bones. His bag more closely resembled that of most weekend golfers rather than the likes of Tiger Woods or Phil Michelson.  His caddy?  His godfather. 

So how did it come about that a 17 year old, who still has braces and is committed to play at the University of Texas next year, was at the top of the leaderboard at one of golf's biggest events?  In my opinion?  He made it there because he believed he could.  Period. End of story.

When Hossler was asked if he thought he had a chance to win the event, he answered:
"Absolutely," says Hossler. “There's not a doubt in my mind. Got to go out there and do everything right mentally and physically. But it's definitely out there for me."
Hossler could have been intimidated by the world class players in the event, some of whom are twice his age, but he saw the possibility for himself to be a contender.  He didn't wait until he had more experience, a fancy golf bag or a famous caddy to go after his dream.  He went after it now.

If we don't take risks in life, we will never know just how far we can go.  If you see the possibility for yourself, if you believe that you can make your dreams a reality, then it's the truth.  Now, put in the work and make it happen.  If there is something you have been wanting to do, try, accomplish, or achieve... the time is now.  Don't wait until you learn just a little bit more, until you have more money, until you have more time, until the time is right, until you lose that last 5lbs... until everything is perfect.  Because, guess what?  Nothing will ever be perfect.  Do it anyway!

If Beau Hossler didn't believe that it was possible for him to be at the top of the leaderboard at the US open... he never would have been.  He may not have won this time but how many 17 year olds can say that for a brief moment, they led the US Open and were playing better golf than the likes of Tiger Woods, Webb Simpson and David Toms to name a few?

If you can see the possibility for yourself, put in the work and make it your reality.

Have a great day!

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