Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Take The Road Less Traveled.

Life is a journey but, the truth is, that the final destination is the same for all of us.  We can’t change that no matter how skinny we are, how much money we make or what job we have.  But, what we can do is enjoy the ride. Make it fun, be happy, laugh, travel, try new things, feel good, do good, love, share, grow, learn, stay curious, be interested, be kind, think big, live large, do.  This is what is important.  We are all going to end up in the same place… it’s how we get there and what we do along the way that defines us.   Pick the most exciting road.  The one that speaks to you and intrigues you.  The one that goes where you haven't gone before.  Don’t just follow the road most taken.  Life is short... do you really want to sit in traffic with everyone else amidst anger, worry, fear, unhappiness and doubt?  Or, do you want to take the road less traveled and enjoy the scenery full of joy, happiness, adventure and possibility?  Life is a journey.  Make yours a good one.  Start now.

Have a Great Day,

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  1. What great words! It's definitely what I live by!! It was nice meeting you today at The Wedding Salon.