Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reuseable Bags

If you read my post yesterday (as I'm sure you all did), and you're thinking about trying a green smoothie on your own (which I'm sure you all are), you're going to need some fresh ingredients from the farmers market.  You're also going to need a way to carry them home.  Here are 5 reuseable bags I love.  Just click on the links below to buy your favorite!

Why I Love It- It's machine washable

Why I Love It- It's durable yet chic at the same time
Why I Love It- These bags are entirely handmade of organically dyed materials.

Why I Love It- It folds up to fit inside your everyday bag so you have it with you whenever you need it

Why I Love It- It has a front pocket and is made from 100% organic cotton


  1. love the 3rd bag, so pretty!

  2. the 2nd one reminds me of those straw bags that we used to get at the flea market and carry to school way back in the day...wish i still had it! a student gave me a structured straw basket bag as a gift and i used it at trader joes!