Monday, July 18, 2011

Smile... for $25 or less.

This post isn't going to help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol or run faster.  These are simply 5 things that make me smile.  And didn't we learn last week that Health isn't just about the food we eat but that it's also about our happiness and well being?

So, I figured I would lighten things up today and share some amazing finds that are all $25 or less.  These not only make great self purchases but, if you are lucky enough to be invited to a friend's beach house or country cottage this summer, they would also be charming hostess gifts.  Don't you agree?

At $19 for a set of four, these adorable jute wine bags come out to less than $5 a piece.  That leaves plenty of money to pick out a tasty treat to go inside. 


$25 will get you a set of 2 of each of these summer staples.

With a pitcher of lemonade and 2 glasses, the only thing you're missing is a front porch swing.

Fill with fresh flowers and this vibrant vase becomes the perfect pick-me-up for your desk at work or a bedside table.

This linoleum block print would be a welcome addition to any beach house.

Have a Healthy Day!

PS- Even I have to admit that this next tidbit of information doesn't really have anything to do with Health (other than the fact that I was exercising when it happened).  When we were out for our run this morning, we saw Heidi Klum walking on the river.  See... even celebrities have to work hard at staying fit. 


  1. i love the lobster cracker, the lemons glass and the seaside print!

  2. Really wonderful gifts for anyone in the summertime!! So glad to find you!


    Art by Karena

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  3. i loove those wine bags!!
    great post!

  4. Cool finds!

  5. haha this is a cool blog!