Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guess who I met yesterday...

I met the crazy sexy Kris Carr (who told me that her full name is also Kristin and is spelled just like mine) and the amazing Chef Chad Sarno.  They are the authors of Crazy Sexy Kitchen: 150 Plant Empowered  recipes to ignite a mouthwatering revolution.   

They even signed my copy...

If you aren’t familiar with Kris Carr or haven’t read any of her work, you must start now!  After a cancer diagnosis, Kris, a self-proclaimed party girl, turned her life around.  She is now a cancer survivor, author, blogger, wellness warrior and inspiration for all seeking to live a healthy life full of peace, love and veggies.  Kris’s book, Crazy Sexy Diet, is a must read introduction to the basics of health + wellness and one that I recommend to all of my clients. 

Chef Chad worked with Kris on all of the mouthwatering recipes in Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  For those lucky enough to get seats at the  book signing + cooking demo at The Whole Foods in Tribeca yesterday, Chad prepared the Crostini with artichoke puree, garlicky mushrooms, and horseradish (p. 144) and the Kale Salad (p. 159). 
I would have sworn there was bacon in the crostini if I didn’t know that all of the recipes in Crazy Sexy Kitchen are vegetarian.  I may not eat meat anymore, but I must confess that I do miss the taste of bacon sometimes.
 The kale salad will make a believer out of anyone who thinks that healthy food doesn't taste good and, with only 6 ingredients, is super easy to make. 
Kris Carr is one of the first people I discovered when I started my journey and investigation into healthy living.  She is a motivational force in the health + wellness industry and I was so excited to have the opportunity to finally hear her speak and to meet her in person.  Stay tuned for my adventures as I cook my way through Crazy Sexy Kitchen. 
Have a great day and, as Kris would say, “Eat your veggies, ignite your spark and live like you mean it!”

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